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About Atlas Music, LLC
[Atlas Instrumental Solos]

   Atlas Instrumental Solos was the original dream of Steve Atlas - -
to create and sell his music on-line.
With the help and support of Dave Abel, Steve's dream is coming true,
and is managed under the business name of Atlas Music, LLC.

   Steve Atlas, studied music theory at the University of Wisconsin Madison where he graduated with a major in music history. He is a pianist and has sung tenor in several choirs and choruses.

   Steve has been composing tuneful easy-to-play instrumental and ensemble music for many years. Several of his instrumental works have been performed at a variety of musical performances.. His Christmas Carol, "Season of Love," has been widely performed at a number of churches, and Christmas Musicals.

   Steve's goal in composing his music is to encourage amateur musicians and music students to develop and preserve a lifelong enjoyment of music by playing music written specifically for their instrument to enhance learning, personal playing, and/or public performances.

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Atlas Music LLC
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